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We offer custom builtmodern, responsive, fast loading, and secure WordPress-themed websites for personal and large-scale online eCommerce businesses.

With supplementary add-ons such as CDN and SLL, we can improve your load times and security. As a result, your website will experience an increase in performance and stability, which builds trust with your visitors and all of the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and BING

Quality website design service for individuals & businesses.

We focus on providing excellent Las Vegas-based website design solutions that cater to both individuals and businesses.

From landing pages for small startups to full eCommerce websites, we have the specialized expertise necessary to make any type of website come alive.

Not only will you get comprehensive quality web design services at affordable great rates, but most importantly, you can rest assured knowing our team is dedicated to creating something special while offering support every step of the way—to help carry out your mission through digital transformation.

Contact us today and take a giant leap forward in bringing your brand vision into reality!

Standard Web Site DESIGN Features

The following features are available for all new and current website design projects, no matter how big or small.

Fully Responsive

Work flawlessly on Desktop, Tablet, and Smart Phone devices.

On-site SEO Optimized

All of our websites are 100% on-page SEO optimized right out of the box.

eCommerce Ready

Sell products online using WooCommerce, a very popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress.


We create custom icons, illustrations, music, photos & videos for any scenario!

Custom Logo Design

We design a custom logo based on your brand for style and recognition.

SEO Content

Our writers produce high-quality grade SEO-rich content. Created to out-rank your competition.

SEO Performance Reports

We track the rankings/performance of your keywords on a monthly basis.

Google Analytics

Track and monitor data about your visitors’ engagement with your website.

Google Search Console

We make adjustments to your website to ensure that your pages are indexable, error-free, and compliant with Google!

People of Las Vegas love our Website Design services!

We want to ensure that your website is beautiful and reflects your unique brand identity.

When it comes to website design, we believe in quality over quantity. That’s why we take the time to get to know our clients and their businesses before we start designing your websites.

Las Vegas Loves WebsitesAs a small local website design firm, we can give you (our client) the individualized attention you deserve. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you are satisfied with your website with as little revisions as possible.

Featured WordPress Layouts

Get inspired by our website designs. Browse through our pre-made, custom WordPress websites.

How our Custom website design service works

Learn the basics of our website design service operation and how to get started with ordering your first custom WordPress website.

Choose Layout

1.) Choose Your Layout

It all starts with the visual.

To get started, select a layout from our library of pre-designed WordPress websites, or you can provide links to competitor websites that you like.

Choose Addons

2.) Choose Your Addons

Additional website features.

Let us know which features you would like, for example, Shopping Cart, Image Slider, Gradients, CDN, CTA buttons, Social Media Feed, etc.

Send Assets

3.) Upload Your Assets

Send us your content.

If you have text, images, videos, links, or any other content that you wish to add, now is the time! If not, we can design all of the assets from scratch.

Build Time

4.) Build time.

We begin designing your website.

Our designers will begin designing your first draft. This can take anywhere from 7-14 days to produce, depending on the level of the project.

Review Websites

5.) Review Your Website

Let’s make some adjustments.

After your first draft is ready, you will receive a link for review. Let us know what changes/adjustments you would like to make.

Completed Website

6.) Website is Finished!

Time to publish your website.

Once all changes have been implemented and the website looks, feels, and functions as you would like, then we proceed to go live!

Additional Web Site Services

A beautiful website is one thing, but ensuring it quickly loads without errors and is Google Lighthouse compatible is another.
That is why we utilize the best website-supporting services to sustain website uptime, reliability, and security!

In addition, we can take care of all the small things that get overlooked, like general server and WordPress maintenance, and updates/upgrades.

Cloud Hosting, Domain Registration and Transfers, SSL Security, CDN Services, and more!

Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways Cloud HostingScaleable and flexible cloud web hosting provider.

Impressive load speeds and performance specifications.

Excellent modern choice for simple to large-scale projects.

Google Domains

Google Domains ServicesGoogle, a trusted choice for all things internet.

Domain registrations, renewals, transfers, and management.

Affordable and accessible for all, with competitive prices.

Let's Encrypt

Lets Encrypt SSL ServiceBest free HTTPS (SSL/TLS) security certificate provider.

Available for all types of websites, hosting, and owners.

Free automatic renewals, certificate authority approved.


KeyCDN ServicePremium global Content Delivery Network.

Independently loads images, content, and server-side files.

Speeds up the performance of your website by 100x*.

WordPress / Website Maintenance Services

Website Backups

Updraft Plus BackupOne of the most overlooked maintenance steps of owning a website is having a consistent back-up of your site.

At Andrei’s Web Design and SEO in Las Vegas, we can set up weekly, monthly, or annual backups of your website/server.

Insure your website from loosing content/progress, and save yourself the headache of content recovery.

Website Migrations

Website Migration ServicesWe help you move your website if you decide its time to upgrade, expand, or change your unreliable hosting provider.

With recommendations based on your needs, you can be saving big on monthly hosting and domain maintenance costs.

Request a price evaluation from Andrei’s Web Design and SEO in Las Vegas today, and see how much you could be saving!

Website Updates

WordPress Updates ServicesAny website running on a commanding CMS platform like WordPress requires updates to stay relevant, secure, and functional.

Updating is a simple process, however, some updates can cause issues if you have incompatible plugins or stand-alone code.

We can properly update all platforms and languages, from WordPress Plugins to, PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScrip and more!

Why Choose Our Website Design Services

Learn why Andrei’s Web Design and SEO service is one of the best in Las Vegas, and why we stand out from our competition.

Website Design done right, with User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) in mind.

What is UX Design?

User experience (UX) design is a process of designing websites, applications, products, and services with a focus on how users interact with them. It involves researching the needs of users (such as what tasks they need to complete), designing interactive elements that enable those tasks, and testing the system with real users to ensure it functions as expected.

The goal of UX design is to create an intuitive and enjoyable user experience that meets the needs of your target audience while also achieving specific business goals.

What is UI Design?

User interface (UI) design focuses on how a product looks and feels from a user’s perspective. It takes into account visual elements such as typography, color schemes, layout, icons, buttons, images, and other visuals used in creating a product or service’s overall look-and-feel.

UI designers are responsible for creating a visual language that reflects your brand identity while also guiding users through their journey on your website or application.

Why Are UX & UI Important?

UX and UI design are essential components of modern web design because they help create an intuitive user experience that encourages people to use your product or service more often.

By focusing on usability and visual appeal at every step in the process—from research through launch—you can ensure that users have an enjoyable experience when interacting with your site or app.

This can help boost customer satisfaction levels while also increasing conversions.

At Andrei’s Web Design and SEO, we understand how important UX/UI design can be when it comes to creating successful online experiences for businesses of all sizes. That’s why we strive to provide our clients with the best possible user experience by utilizing cutting-edge UX/UI techniques in our web design services.

Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you every step of the way—from research through launch—to ensure that you get the most out of our services. Contact us today for more information about how we can help improve your digital presence!

(FAQ) – About our Web Design Service

Learn why our web design service is far superior and competitive compared to all other local web design and SEO agencies in Las Vegas Nevada.

What is your web design process?
The web design process is all about creating the right experience for your users. To do this, a good web designer will start by understanding who they’re designing for. This means researching target audiences and getting to know the needs of potential customers.

Once the designer has a clear idea of who they’re designing for, it’s time to start sketching out ideas. A good web design starts with wireframes – diagrams that serve as a map of how every page will work together on your website. This allows designers to play around with different layouts and design ideas until the perfect solution is found.

Content development should also be factored into this stage, since text and visuals both need careful consideration before implementation begins. Content must be created or gathered that speaks directly to intended user needs in order to create an effective website (or any digital product).

After content building and wireframing are complete, it’s time for visual design: color palette selection, typography usage rules & regulations etc., graphic elements like logos & illustrations are added at this point as well as graphics effects like CSS transitions – all these ensure an attractive yet cohesive aesthetic throughout your site.

Finally the developer takes over: Using HTML/CSS/JavaScript (depending on what you’re trying to achieve) code elements come alive eith complex styling or functionality like responsive menus dropdowns form validation etc… ideally making sure that everything functions flawlessly across modern devices & browsers alike!

At each step designers should be testing their work both manually – checking every page for errors – and using software testing tools such as cross-browser testing platforms or automated QA tests ensuring pixel perfection even after multiple iterations!

In conclusion, I would say that most importantly there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes down to web design; but by paying attention to detail during each step of the way you can make sure your end product meets its purpose effectively while looking great too!

How long does it take to complete a website project?

It’s hard to give a definite answer as to how long it takes to complete a website project, as each project can be drastically different and have its own unique set of time-related challenges. On average, however, the web designer will plan on spending anywhere from two weeks up to several months depending on the scope of the project.

When it comes to web design projects there are typically three main components: planning/strategy (generally 1-3 days), design & development (1 – 2 weeks), and launch & optimization (1 – 4 weeks).

During these stages, a number of tasks must be completed before the website is ready for launch. This includes researching the types of content that needs developed; designing wireframes and mockups; coding HTML/CSS/Javascript into functional pages; optimizing code for speed and performance testing; ensuring compatibility with current browsers and devices; uploading files onto the server hosting platform; setting up domain names and DNS records; creating necessary access accounts for analytics tracking systems such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics — plus much more!

Of course, timelines may shorten or lengthen depending on any number of factors. Complex sites with plenty of pages may take longer than simpler sites with fewer sections. On top of that, if content is provided by an outside source instead by the client themselves then this too can effect timelines significantly as well. Overall though, it’s safe to say that most web design projects will require somewhere in between two weeks –to– several months before they’re ready for launch!

Can you provide examples of websites you have designed in the past?

Yes of course. You can visit the Custom WordPress Website page for more information.

What is your approach to search engine optimization (SEO)?

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), the key is to create a comprehensive strategy that meets your goals and objectives. As an SEO professional, my approach covers all aspects of SEO, including on-page and off-page optimizations.

For on-page optimization, I typically start by researching relevant keywords for your website and then optimizing page titles, headings, meta tags and content accordingly. Content should be specific to each page’s topic so it can rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, all images should be optimized with relevant keywords in the title tag or alt text as well. These are just some of the components needed for successful on-page SEO.

Next up is off-page optimization which involves activities outside of your website that help boost its rankings in search engines such as Google and Bing. This includes link building – creating backlinks from other websites that link back to yours – as well as social media marketing campaigns aimed at increasing brand awareness online. Additionally, I look for opportunities to drive organic traffic through article marketing tactics such as guest blogging or using influencers to promote content related to your organization’s offerings or goals.

Other important parts of a comprehensive SEO campaign include tracking progress via analytics tools and regularly updating content with fresh ideas and information related to the subject matter at hand – this helps maintain relevance among SERPs while keeping readers engaged over time. Finally, when formulating an SEO strategy I make sure we stay within best practices provided by Google so clients don’t get penalized due any unethical tactics employed during the course of work being doneWe hope you found this overview helpful! Thanks for asking:)

Do you provide ongoing website maintenance and support?

Owning a website is like owning any other piece of property: as much as it’s important to get the foundation in place, it’s equally important to maintain and support it for the long haul. Website maintenance and support involve regular upkeep activities such as ensuring that all software is up-to-date, coding is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, backups are maintained, security measures are taken, and more.

For those without access to their own tech team or web development expertise—or those who don’t have the time or inclination to stay on top of their website—ongoing maintenance and support can be an invaluable asset. Without proper upkeep even seemingly minor issues can pile up quickly leading to serious problems with site performance down the line.

When you consider the cost of lost time and productivity due to slow loading times or worse yet crashed websites; additional expenses associated with repairing compatibility issues; potential damage due to cyberattacks; not mention how these types of occurrences impacts your customer experience—it only makes sense investing in ongoing maintenance and support early on will help save money in the long run.

At Andrei’s Web Design and SEO in Las Vegas, we provide comprehensive website maintenance services designed keep your business running optimally day-in day out so you can focus on growing your business instead worrying about staying on top of technology issues! We specialize in providing customized solutions based off individual client needs while employing our years of collective industry expertise along with data driven insights into each task at hand. 

How do you ensure that websites you design are mobile-friendly and responsive?

Designing a website that is mobile-friendly and responsive requires careful consideration of the user experience on various devices. The process starts with creating a ‘mobile first’ design, which means designing for the smallest device first. This will make sure all content is visible and easy to interact with on different form factors.

The web designer must consider the elements that appear in each layout: what size are they; how much space do they occupy; how do they respond as users resize them? Responsiveness should mean that websites automatically adjust their appearance based on the device being used, providing a tailored experience for every user regardless of screen size or orientation. It also involves serving optimized images at specific resolutions so pages load quickly and are not bogged down by large files generating slow response times.

In addition, web designers have to think about features such as navigation menus, search boxes and social media links which may need to be reorganized when viewed on smaller screens like smartphones or tablets. Each element should flow into another seamlessly without cluttering up the interface or causing confusion among users trying to access your site from any device. Finally, testing becomes essential in this process – viewing prototypes across multiple browsers (such as Chrome, Safari & Firefox) can help ensure compatibility issues don’t occur further down the line.

In summary, designing mobile-friendly and responsive websites requires thoughtful planning prior to implementing code or design changes along with continual testing across devices and browsers throughout development stages – but once done right you’re guaranteed an enhanced user experience while driving more visitors from all platforms!

What is your pricing structure for web design services?

Creating a well-built website often requires lots of skill, expertise, and time. It can also be quite expensive – especially if you want to create something that stands out from the crowd and makes an impact on your target audience. In terms of pricing structures for web design services, it really depends on what type of website you’re looking to build, how intricate it is, whether or not you are providing content (such as photos/videos), etc.

Something like a basic 5-page website could cost anywhere between $500-$2,000 depending on factors such as complexity of design, necessary resources for coding (ie: javascript), animations integrated into the page designs (ie: parallax scrolling effects), eCommerce functionalities added in (ie: shopping carts and payment gateways). For static pages with minimal requirements the costs would typically fall towards the lower end while more complex sites with customizations/functionalities may settle at near or above the higher range.

On average though most people should expect to spend around $1,500 USD in order for their site to look great across all devices without sacrificing functionality or compromising its accessibility; this is based off an industry-wide consensus combined with our own experiences here at Andrei’s Web Design and SEO in Las Vegas over many years developing websites for various clients including those in different industries such as healthcare providers & local small businesses owners alike!

Can you assist with website hosting and domain registration?

Absolutely! It’s important to remember that website hosting and domain registration are two separate services. Web design helps clients purchase domains and set up their website hosting, thereby creating a complete web presence.

When setting up website hosting, the first step is usually selecting a type of web hosting that best fits your needs. There are many different types out there, including shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and dedicated servers. Each type offers its own advantages depending on the size of your business and what services you need to offer your customers with your web site. Once you have chosen a type of web hosting, you will need to select a registrar or domain name service provider like GoDaddy or NameCheap to register your domain name (your address on the Internet).

The next step in website setup is designing it – this is where a professional web design comes in handy! A great web designer can create an effective online presence for any company, from small businesses just getting started on the internet all the way up to large organizations managing multiple websites around the world. From organizing domains & URLs all the way through designing layouts & customizing page content elements – we can make sure each organization has an appropriate level of digital representation on their specific platform(s).

Finally, once the basic framework for your site is established (layout/template), our team makes sure every element works together smoothly so visitors have an enjoyable experience while they navigate through each page; our expertise includes connecting datasets between diverse applications & coding scripting interfaces as needed for integration with other software packages or APIs if desired by clientele; additionally we provide ongoing support should any unexpected changes be needed now or in future stages where updates may be required after launch date.

At its core however no matter how simple/complex we make it sound – securing both an adequate host + suitable domain service provider + designing & configuring everything correctly while keeping within budgetary concerns would sum up our overall objective when assisting prospective clients with establishing their own unique presence online.

Do you offer e-commerce website design and development services?
Absolutely! At Andrei’s Web Design and SEO in Las Vegas, we offer a wide range of e-commerce website design and development services. Our skilled team is highly experienced in the field and can create custom e-commerce websites that entice customers and provide them with an enjoyable shopping experience.
We understand that creating a successful online store involves homework; from designing responsive user interfaces to understanding customer behavior. When developing an e-commerce website, our web designers take into account not only aesthetics but also practicality. We take into account all relevant aspects such as payment gateway integration, security measures, SEO optimization, content management systems, back-end support (i.e., inventory tracking), etc., so your visitors find it easy to navigate and purchase items from your store without any hassle or confusion.
Our variety of projects include:
• Designing for E-Commerce Websites – Our expert web designers will seamlessly integrate third party applications such as product galleries/catalogs or shopping carts with a database system for quicker search of items on the site resulting in happier customers with more efficient purchasing paths. Furthermore, our designs make sure that users get the most out of their online purchasing journey by offering interesting visuals for better navigation and smooth transitions between pages/products on different stores/devices making sure nothing gets lost in translation during their shopping sessions
• Setting up E-Commerce Systems – We are well experienced when it comes to setting up strong backend frameworks for large scale projects that require inventory tracking systems or complex order processing procedures leaving you worry-free about data mismanagement
• Cooperation with Website Developers – To further enhance user experience on sites built using popular technologies like JavaScript programming language packages (or other solutions) we cooperate closely with website developers ensuring all components are bug-free when the project is finished therefore avoiding potential problems after deployment or launching phase
Ultimately, no matter what type of eCommerce website development services you’re looking for – be it customizing existing platforms like Shopify stores or Magento setups from scratch – we have got you covered! So if you need help designing your next big business venture or don’t know where to start building one then feel free to contact us anytime at Andrei’s Web Design and SEO in Las Vegas so we can help bring your ideas alive!
What is your policy regarding revisions and changes during the web design process?

When it comes to revisions and changes during the web design process, there’s no one single answer. Every project is unique and requires different approaches in order to achieve success. Still, there are some consistent protocols that we usually follow when creating a website or developing a web-based application.

First of all, let’s define what we mean by “revisions” in this context. Generally speaking, revisions are any changes made after initial approval of an item or idea. This means that before any major work begins the client must give his/her approval for the overall concept and then specify desired modifications if necessary. Afterward, those changes must be implemented quickly and accurately during development stages – which is where our team steps in as expert consultants and implementation specialists.

In terms of how the actual revision process works, most jobs require more than one round of revisioning with potential discrepancies addressed on each pass until both parties are satisfied with the results. It can also depend on which type of product or service you need: if it’s a basic brochure-ware style page then fewer iterations might be required whereas a complex custom business system needs much more testing & rework due to its complexity (and thus may require multiple rounds). Once everything meets requirements set forth by both parties – we sign off on delivery!

Our policy regarding revisions is rather strict but justifiable: up to three cycles per project without additional charges applied followed by an hourly fee for further requests beyond that point (that fee may differ depending upon exact nature & scope). We will always strive to ensure total satisfaction within these parameters but should customers require additional tweaks once deliverables have been issued they can still contact us via email or phone at any time for assistance as needed – based upon their individual contract agreement(s) with us directly!

We take pride in our ability to create high quality websites while keeping an open dialogue between client & company throughout entire process from concept phase through launch day – so you can rest assured your project will receive attention it deserves regardless how many times edits must take place before completion!

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